This site is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Afro Brazilian Culture, its history and its artists. If you have material to be published here like photos, stories, historical facts, please, send us an E Mail with your contributions.

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Manuel Raimundo Querino

The first African-Brazilian Historian. A founding member of the Bahian Geographical and Historical Institute, he stated many of his findings in his important essay of 1918 The African Contribution to Brazilian Civilization.
Manuel Querino on Facebook.
Purchase the download of Querino's entry in the Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, 2nd ed.

Irmandade de Nossa Senhora da Boa Morte

A very old black women organization in the city of Cachoeira,
Bahia. Preserving the afro-bahian religious aspects of its culture.

Afro-Brazilian Heroes

Meet some of them. (In Portuguese).


Religion brought from Africa to Brazil.

Afro-Brazilian Literature

Page dedicated to Afro-Brazilian Literature and its writers.

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