Esmeralda Ribeiro
Esmeralda Ribeiro is a journalist from the city of São Paulo. She was born
on October 24th, 1958. She is a member of Quilombhoje Literatura, the
literary group responsible for the publication of the series Cadernos
Negros. She has published more than thirty poems in Cadernos Negros,
Volumes 5, 7, and 9, and a short story in Cadernos Negros 8.
She is the author of a short novel Malungos e Milongas

Esmeralda Ribeiro is the author of several theoretical essays of importance
including an essay on children's literature in Reflexões Sobre a Literatura
Afro-Brasileiro. Another significant essay, "A escritora negra e o seu ato de
escrever Participando," in Criação Crioula, Nu Elefante Branco, examines
the role of Black women writers and the political dimensions of their
works. This essay called for Black Brazilian women writers to recognize
the absence of authentic Black feminine images in Brazilian literature
in general and challenged them to recognize the political significance
of self-definition in their works.

Afeto                             Affection
A madrugada                                        Dawn
abriu os braços                                    opened its arms
e o céu                                            and the sky
a cobriu de estrelas.                              covered it with stars.

Rotina                            Routine 
Há sempre um homem                                 There's always a man
me dizendo                                         telling me

       o que fazer.                                       what to do

Poems and biography taken from "Finally Us" - Contemporary Black Brazilian Women Writers.
Dual Brazilian-English Poetry Anthology.
Edited/Selected by Miriam Alves and translated by Carolyn R. Durham.
An original by Three Continents Press.
P.O. Box 38009
Colorado Springs, CO 80937.

1994 Miriam Aparecida Alves & Carolyn Richardson Durham.
All rights reserved.
No part of this page may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever
without written permission of the publisher except for brief quotations in reviews or articles.
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