Gilzete Marçal

Gilzete Marçal was born on March 21st, 1962.

She is a native of Camarama in the state of Bahia
who now lives in the state of São Paulo.

Gilzete Marçal is a professional nutritionist.

She participated in "Preto Branco e Azul Também",
a group that dramatizes poems. She has published
two volumes of poetry, Periferia in 1985
andEm Possível in 1987.

Em Possível                                In-Possible
Transpassa                                                Through my veins
Em minhas veias                                       Your invisible presence
Tua presenca invisível                               passes
Teu coração                                               Your heart
pulsa                                                           beats 
nos fios de cabelo                                       in the strands of your hair
Peso da conciência                                     a weight of conscience
suor brotando                                             sweat braking out
nas unhas encravadas,                               in my clenched fingernails,
Te afago                                                      I caress you
travesseiro                                                   pillow
de lágrimas                                                  of tears
Entre teia                                                    Among Body Tissue 
e peia                                                          and shacle 
busco viagens                                             I look for a journey
de mente                                                     of the mind

Poems and biography taken from "Finally Us" - Contemporary Black Brazilian Women Writers. Dual Brazilian-English Poetry Anthology. Edited/Selected by Miriam Alves and translated by Carolyn R. Durham. An original by Three Continents Press. P.O. Box 38009 Colorado Springs, CO 80937.
© 1994 Miriam Aparecida Alves & Carolyn Richardson Durham. All rights reserved. No part of this page may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the publisher except for brief quotations in reviews or articles.
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