Alaíde Costa

A personal tone, perfect tune and repertoire of extreme good taste which incorporates songs by new as well as famous composers - this is Alaide Costa, a star of the brazilian hall of great performers. After obtaining top marks at amateur competitions in Rio, such as the ones sponsored by Paulo Gracindo and Ary Barroso, she became a crooner at "Dancing Avenida", where two other major brazilian singers, Angela Maria and Elizeth Cardoso, had their carreers started. It was there that a sound engineer heard her and took her to a test. While recording her second 78', she met João Gilberto, then an amateur, who spoted in Alaide's singing the cool tone and the proper diction needed as elements of style for a new musical movement then emerging: the Bossa-Nova. Alaide quickly established herself as a great performer. She participated in the early Bossa-Nova's shows in Rio and São Paulo. In 1958 she began working for RCA Victor and recorded songs which later became classics, such as: Lobo Bobo, Chora tua tristeza and Sem Você. In 1960, she was co-host in a Tupi TV network show, besides Geraldo Vandre and Carlos Lyra. In 1964, at the Paramount Theater, she was acclaimed in the show "O Fino da Bossa'' with the soog Onde Esta Você, by Oscar Castro Neves and Luvercy Fiorini, in the very first audition.

Invited by conductor Diogo Pacheco, she brought to Teatro Municipal of São Paulo "Alaide e Alaude", a performance of Renaissance music. In 1972, she participated in the famous Milton Nascimento's group "Clube da Esquina", performing with him Me Deixa em Paz. The duet turned into a hit that pulled the album's selling. Then, she was invited to Odeon, where she recorded three other albums. In 1982, she released her first independent production, "Aguas Vivas", where she sings lyrics by Herminio Bello de Carvalho, with music by various partners. This album was released in France, 1995 and in Brazil, 1996, by WEA. Among the successful shows that she's made, "Coração Violão" with guitar player Paulinho Noqueira and "Alaide Cost a canta Tom Jobim" stand out. Both opened in 1991 in the Teatro Crowne Plaza and then traveled throughout the country. To reunite twenty special guests in a single album is not an easy task. Especially when they are Milton Nascimento, Egberto Gismonti, Paulinho da Viola, Ivan Lins, MPB 4, Wagner Tiso, Toninho Horta, Heitor TP, Guilherme Vergueiro, Gilson Peranzzetta and Sebastião Tapajos among others. Alaide was successful at such a task, releasing an independent production in 1988 and a CD in 1993, by Movie Play, of "Amiga de Verdade". The result was of one of the best ten albums of the decade, said the critics. In 1994 she started, in Rio, an engagement with pianist João Carlos Assis Brasil, which extended to Curitiba and São Paulo. In São Paulo the twosome was invited by Jorge Gambier, artistic director of Movie Play, to register such thing on an album. "Alaide Costa e João Carlos Assis Brasil" was released in August of 95. Besides the three CD's cited, Alaide has another three out a compilation of her first three LP's released by BMG, the CD "Alaide" (64).