In Brazil's Samba and Culture History,
José Bispo, better known as Jamelão,
holds a very special position.

Many aspects of this multi talented artist from Rio de
Janeiro make him one unique personality in Brazilian Music.

As a singer, his special timber, the way he interpreted either
a Samba, Samba de Roda or Jongo, faithful to the African
traditions, made him one of the greatest Samba singers
ever, and the voice behind Mangueira Samba School, the
Mangueira's Samba interpreter at Rio de Janeiro's
Carnival Parade for the last forty years.

As a Samba Composer, he was responsible for some most popular
sambas ever, like Quem Samba fica, co written with the great
Samba Bahiano Composer Tião Motorista, or Eu agora sou
feliz, with Mestre Gato and Cântico da Natureza, with
Mangueira's heavys Nelson Matos(Nelson Sargento)
and Alfredo Lourenço (Alfredo Português).

Still, he was up for more. Jamelão, recorded a historic
album with the Severino Araújo's Orquestra Tabajara,
(who modernize the conception of arranging in Brazil)
that became the Bible of the Samba Canção singing.
That made him the greatest Brazilian Samba Canção
singer ever,and made popular dozens of songs of
Brazilian author, Lupiscínio Rodrigues.

Now, in his 80's, Jamelão is very active, doing shows,
concerts, and interpretating Mangueira's Samba Enrêdo
at the Carnival Parade.

Jamelão's recordings are essential, for those who like him,
love Afro Brazilian Culture, specially Samba and its derivatives.

Here is a little taste of this Brazilian Giant's enormous talent.

Apoteose do Samba
Silas de Oliveira/Mano Décio
Real Audio

Quem samba fica
José Bispo/Tião Motorista
Real Audio

Lupscínio Rodrigues
Real Audio

Exaltação à Mangueira
Eneas da Silva/Aloisio da Costa
Real Audio

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