Nenéu Liberalquino
An unique guitar player

Manoel Teodoro Liberalquino Ferreira, better known as
Nenéu Liberalquino, was born 38 years ago in Canhotinho,
a small country side city of the state of Pernambuco.

He is the creator of a peculiar technique of playing the
acoustic guitar. His great desire of self expression through
the art of music, made him overcame his physical
limitations. His playing differs from the traditional ways
of playing the guitar, since he plays the instrument on the
horizontal, and use all five fingers of the left hand.

By doing that, Nenéu is able to play 5 and 6 notes' chords,
creating very unique harmonic results in the instrument.

He is perhaps the most revolutionary guitar player of his
time. His music is not only harmonically revolutionary.
He has extremely good taste, is a very inspired composer
and a colorful arranger.

Aquarela do Brasil is Nenéu's second disc (the first was released in 1993 in Brazil). It presents a panorama
of Brazilian music moving from chôro to bossa nova and in passing through samba, the baião and the valse.
There are two of Nenéu's compositions, Mana, and Prece, reflecting his extreme sensibility and tender personality.
Nené's "Aquarela do Brasil" is available through the Internet at (search for Neneu).

Listen to the music of Nenéu Liberalquino.

Codnome Beija Flor
(Cazuza) - Real Audio

Dança dos Magos
(Nenéu Liberalquino) - Real Audio

(Nenéu Liberalquino) - Real Audio

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