Raul de Souza

RAUL DE SOUZA, a native of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) is considered by international critics (Down Beat, New York Jazz Magazine, Rolling Stones and many other) as one of the greatest trombone players in the world. Multinstrumentalist, composer, he plays alto and tenor sax and percussion besides the trombone. Having recorded nine albums, winning numerous national and international awards he is the inventor of the Souzabone, an eletric trombone set at C, with the implement of a chromatic valve.

RAUL DE SOUZA is an entry in the Also Encyclopedia of Jazz by Leonard Feather. His album "Colours" is adopted at the Berklee School of Music (EUA) as a subject matter, due to the rhytmic and melodic variations it presents. He is an honorary ditizen of the city of Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and a member of the American Federation of Musicians, the Associated Musicians and the Associated Musicians of Greater New York.

RAUL DE SOUZA participated in many international festivals, and among them the Montreaux Jazz Festival (1978), the Playboy Jazz Festival (1979), the Monterrey Jazz Festival (1980,1981) and as Guilherme Vergueiro's special guest together with Wayne Shorter, Wallace Roney and Mads Vinding at the Heineken Concerts in S.Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in 1995.

RAUL DE SOUZA created and participated in many musical bands, such as "A turma da Gafieira" (with Altamiro Carrilho, Sivuca, Baden Powell, Edison Machado, among others), Sergio Mendes Bossa Rio, Elefant Blanc (in Paris), Blue Note (in New York), Impacto 6, Sanbrasil and RC7.

At the moment, after living, playing and recording in the US for many years, RAUL DE SOUZA is back in Rio de Janeiro, his home town, where he has dedicated his time to composing, performing throughout Brazil and recording with Brazilian aces, such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gal Costa, Leny Andrade among others and with international stars such as Lisa Ono, Selena Jones and Joyce Collins.


Raulzinho Vontade Mesmo - RCA 1965
Impacto 8 - 1968
Colours - Milestone 1974
Special guest for Sonny Rollins - LP-1974
Sweet Lucy - Capitol 1977
Don't ask my neighbours - Capitol 1978 (with George Duke)
Till Tomorrow Comes - Capitol 1979 (1st. place in Down Beat Magazine)
Viva Volta - RGE 1982
The other side of the moon - RGE 1993
Brazil 94 - Soul Jazz Records - 1994 (with other Brazilian stars) London (collection ACID JAZZ)