Tutty Moreno

Forças D'Alma clearly shows why Tutty
Moreno is undoubtedly one of the greatest
Brazilian drummers of all times.

Leading a group of some of the most talented
artists of todays Brazilian Music, these
recordings are a fresh approach to music
written by traditional Brazilian composers,
such as Dorival Caymmi, Luiz Eça,
Durval Ferreira and more contemporary
ones, like Egberto Gismonti and Joyce.

If you enjoy listening to the best in
Brazilian instrumental music this CD
is a must have.

Click on the highlighted songs to enjoy
30 seconds of music samples in Real Audio.

1- A Lenda do Abaeté - Dorival Caymmi

2 - Alegria de Viver - Luiz Eça

3 - Só Louco - Dorival Caymmi

4 - Baracumbara - Joyce

5 - Samba Novo - Durval Ferreira/Newton Chaves

6 - João Valentão - Dorival Caymmi

7 - Forças D'Alma - Joyce

8 - A vizinha do lado - Dorival Caymmi

9 - Imagem - Luiz Eça/Aloisio de Oliveira

10 - Sanfona - Egberto Gismonti

Forças D'Alma, (Soul forces) was born,
grow up and sailed in my imagination
for quite some time. It is the free approach
to music that I always dreamed off.

Having received the right invitation, I asked
to the right person to write the song that
would carry the name of the CD. And the
soul forces took me to the right persons
who along with me created every single bar
of these recordings. It couldn't be different.

And these same soul forces took us to the
mysterious scenarios of the old Bahia, where
new soul forces made us united, not only by
the music, but also by the soul forces that
report us to the Creator. I have no doubt
whatsoever about it.

Tutty Moreno

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Tutty Moreno - Drums
Rodolfo Stroeter - Acoustic bass
André Mehmari - Acoustic piano
Nailor Proveta
alto & soprano saxes, clarinet.
Joyce - voice and acoustic guitar on
"Forças D'Alma" & "Baracumbara".

Teodoro Salles, Tatiana Onnis,
Alexandre Magno,e Ana Margarida
Lima e Lima - violins
Sonia Laborda - viola
Cândida Lobão - cello

Arranger and conductor - André Mehmari
Musical Director - Tutty Moreno

Produced by Roberto Sant'Ana
Recording Engineer and Mixing
Wesley Rangel
Assistants engineers
Alexandro Rangel e Carlos Mascarenhas
Recorded at the ACBEU theater
in april 1998, Salvador, Bahia
Mixed at Estúdio WR, Salvador, Bahia
Mastered at Estúdio Mosh - São Paulo, S.P.
Photos by Arthur Ikishima
Marketing consultant for the graphic
project - Kátia Drummond
Graphic Project - Cláudio Paulo

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