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Guilherme Vergueiro

Brazil is a country that has the world's richest musical culture, a culture that for the last six decades has influenced culture worldwide. It is a country where talent and creativity is abundant among its people, and is a nation that has had as our Ambassadors of music, extraordinarily talented artists, such as Pixinguinha, Villa Lobos, Carmen Miranda, Ary Barroso, Cartola, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Milton Banana, Edison Machado, Raul de Souza, Joo Gilberto, Bola Sete, Walter Wanderley, Hermeto Pascoal, and others. Artists that practically lived or actually live anonymous lives, but have given a lot to promote, propagate and to evolve Brazil's main culture, Music.

Unfortunately, ignorance, lack of culture, lack of scruples, envy, prejudice, lack of character, dishonesty and lack of principles are also overwhelming among Brazil's politicians, journalists, corporations and particularly among the cultural field. This is what is destroying an image that was built with great effort and heart by previous generations, and making it imposible for new artists of equal talent to have their works acknowledged by a wider audience in Brazil and overseas.

Unfortunatelly, Brazil is pictured as a country where our mothers are raising our daughters to sexually attract foreigners in order to guarantee their future by becoming successful housewives with fancy apartments in Miami, and that's not so. Our main artists and intellectuals are disregarded by the media and cultural production businesses, who valorize mediocrity and lifestyles that put to shame any individual who still believe in human dignity and achievement of sincere concepts. It's unacceptable that near the millennium, Brazil, which was always expected to have a brilliant future, be held back by the media and the political leaders. It is also sad that today's Brazilian students do not oppose against these matters. It is unacceptable that the Brazilian public and private school systems do not demonstrate the catastrophic effects that the decades of military dictatorship have caused. Is it possible that in Brazil, the authoritarianism, brainwashing, ideological persecution and destruction of values did not cause any effect in society, and after so many years everything remains the same? Don't the Brazilian people deserve to know what happened in order to understand what is going on today? The truth is that nothing has changed. We keep living in a slavery-like system. An authoritarian system, in which the people have no freedom of speech, no honest elections, and the real criminals (politicians) blame the people for the out-of-hand violence. Administrators, businessmen and journalists have a backward mentality and try to force us to live with this unreal and surrealist "reality."

It is time to rise against all this. It is time to disobey these crooks. It is time to boycott this mentality. It is time to respect our workers. It is time to demand education, health and culture for our children and our people.

The ignorance is not among the Brazilian people. The ignorance is in the Senate, Parliament, Media, Offices and Treasury. The problem with Brazil has never been inflation and poverty. The main problem with Brazil is the ignorance and dishonour of our "administrators", who do not respect us, do not give us any stimulation or hope, do not back us up, do not defend our interests and do not allow us to provide a respectable future to our descendents.

We have to join forces, and together create conditions to change all this. It is not as impossible or difficult as they want "us" to believe. It is simply a matter of joining forces. If we join forces, we create power, and certainly we will be able to succeed. We will have the satisfaction of being proud of ourselves, live a more-pleasant life, with more beauty, dignity, culture and food on the table. To live without fear of the police and with no reason to teach our daughters how to literally prostitute themselves in order to succeed or teach our sons how to steal from the people, so that they can have the pleasure of driving an imported car. Then certainly we will be listening again to true Brazilian music instead of "Brazilian rock", "Brazilian jazz", "samba reggae", "Brazilian funk", "Brazilian punk", "Brazilian fusion", and all that other trash, that our "producers" force us to listen to, in order to justify their ignorant and useless lives, with no values whatsoever. Of course, there are still some exceptions, and for those we offer our support, gratitude, respect and consideration.

Guilherme Vergueiro

Copyright 2006
All rights reserved.


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